ARC 2017

ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is a regatta across the Atlantic for cruising sailboats. It connects people for whom an Atlantic crossing under sail is a dream. So the ARC 2017 will be for us. The start is in Las Palmas on the Canarian Islands and the destination is Rodney Bay of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The start will be in November and after 2700 nautical miles you will reach the Caribbeans well before Christmas. This is the actual beginning of the well-known barefoot route. The crossing typically takes between 12 and 24 days depending on the wind and the size of the boat.
ARC 2017

Who organizes ARC Regatta

ARC was organized by Jimmy Cornell for the first time in 1986, and more than 250 sailboats take part every year. The English World Cruising Club, headquartered in Cowes, provides the organization and the colourful supporting program.

ARC 2017 list of participants

For all interested ones, here is the list of participants from the ARC 2017. There is a small description for each crew with picture and a link to the blog, if available. There is no age limitation, babies as well as very experienced skippers can cross the Atlantic.

ARC 2017 Preparations

Most crews sail to Las Palmas in smaller and bigger stages and therefore know each other already a bit. But there are also crew looking for someone to help them for the crossing. In the ARC manual you can also find check-lists. Two weeks before the start, many activities are organized in Las Palmas. The safety equipment of the boats is checked. There are presentations in various fields, e.g. Safety, weather, provision, medicine, astronavigation and fishing. In the swimming pool you can exercise to enter a life raft. It is also shown how to give smoke and light signs. This is of course the possibility, where you can try your own old flares. The demonstration of helicopter rescue is of course a highlight.

In the evening the participants meet at the sundowner, tell their best seafarer stories and exchange know-how.

ARC+ 2017

We chose ARC +, because we would like to make a little detour over Cape Verde, and the longest route without land is a bit shorter. The start is also a bit earlier, namely on 5th of November. The first leg goes to Mindelo Sao Vincente (900sm) on Cape Verde. The second leg starts on the 15th of November and goes as well to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean (2090sm).

Tracking ARC+ 2017

Here you can track all the boats during the ARC + 2017.
ARC 2017 Tracking