It was always our plan to sell Bajka at the end of the sailing trip.
by bajka

We also planned quite some time for this, because we wanted to sell her without a broker. In addition to our travel blog, we also used various forums and Facebook groups to find potential buyers. While the Europeans and Americans cautiously inquired about e-mail, the Kiwis just wanted to see Bajka up close.
bajka nzMike and Jeannette actually wanted to visit another boat in the same marina as they stumbled over Bajka in Facebook. And so they could visit two boats in one go. A happy coincidence, as Mike told us later. They had been looking for a solid aluminum boat for quite some time. After having spent half a day with us on Bajka, their choice was made. Nevertheless, it took us another three weeks until we could hand over the keys. Actually, everything went a bit fast, but we are glad that our Bajka is in good hands again :-).

Many thanks to Bajka, who had brought us safely from Europe across the Atlantic and the Pacific to New Zealand. We just follow the motto, “If you care for your boat, the boat will care for you.”
by by bajka

For the kiwis the big summer holidays just started and for us, the new life on the camping sites began. The first three days we spent in a bungalow, so we had time and space to sort all our stuff and send some packages back to Switzerland. The boys were excited to sleep in a “house” again after having spent every night on a boat for 1.5 years.
by by campingFirst we explored the north of New Zealand. It was exactly during Christmas Holidays. So we were introduced to the Kiwi lifestyle: camping, fishing and BBQ. There are many beautiful trails along the rivers, but also beautiful beaches and coves. However, we were a bit spoilt by the Pacific Islands and also the water was a bit too cold ;-).

Not to forget, of course, is the northernmost point of New Zealand, the Cape Reigna, the great sand dunes and the Waitangi Treaty Ground, where the English and Maori had negotiated their formative treaty. By the way, Maori is an official language in New Zealand and their culture is part of the daily classes in school. We too, we are learning and performing the Haka of the All Blacks 🙂