After crossing the Bay of Biscay, we sailed to Combarro via La Coruna, Muxia, Portosin and Sanxenxo. In Galicia Ela’s sister with her 5-member family joined us for the next three weeks. And then Asia and Gaia joined us for two days. That was full-house on Bajka. Bajka Crew Galizien

Together we explored the Rias in Galicia. Ria is the Spanish word for fjord. There you are protected from the Atlantic Swell. The weather was ideal for sailing and the warm sun made you think it’s time for a bath, but the water was so cold that you could not go further than your knees.
Caraminal Strand

There were, of course, culinary highlights whenever Jola was in the kitchen. She also showed us how to fillet fish.

Arek had brought his fishing rod. Unfortunately, we only found time to fish in the marinas, but this should change on the Atlantic crossing :=)

At Monte Real Club de Yates in Baiona we made the last stop on Spanish ground before we came to Porto. There we were received by thick fog. With the help of state of the art devices we got into the harbour well between the big freighters. Sometimes we could see 49ers passing close to us. They were preparing for the up-coming World Championship hosted by the sailing club next to the marina. So we met some sailing-friends. Livia and Nelia even came for dinner on our Bajka.
Line Sailing

One day we made a city tour in Porto. It was quite an exhausting walk, because it always goes up and down. On the way back the two boys fell asleep on the bus.
Porto Stadt

In these past three weeks there was always something going on and we have experienced a lot. Nael and Ilian enjoyed the time with their cousins ​​and their cousins. They have learned a lot from them. And for us there was time to do something else than entertainment for the kids :=).

From Porto we take a bottle of port wine, who knows when we open it.

Strand Porto