The 25 nautical miles from Porto Santo to the Marina Quinta do Lorde in Madeira were a pleasant downwind cruise.
Marina Quinta do Lorde

The marina is embedded in a resort so we could make a little holiday, splash in the swimming pool and walk around the area.
Madeira Spaziergang

We also cleaned our boat thoroughly and Lukas made his first splice on a 12mm haylard. The boys have sawn through a piece of wood with a lot of endurance.
Madeira arbeiten

On the trip to Funchal we visited the old town and the well-known Mercado dos Lavradores. There we bought two big bags with fruits and vegetables. The delicious Madeira bananas were also not missing.
Madeira Bananen

On the fish market one can find “Peixe espada preto”, an elongated dark fish, which lives at about 1000m depth.
Madeira Fischmarkt

When the boys saw the gondola they wanted to go with it. So we drove over the rooftops of Funchal to the flower garden at 550 meters altitude.
Funchal Aussieht

From there you could go down the street with the basket sled.
Madeira Korbschlitten
For several days already we had been looking forward to the arrival of Nelly and Allan, who then would sail with us to the Canaries. Together with them we explored the island a bit more.
Madeira Santana Haus

For example the traditional houses in Santana or the grotto of Sao Vincente with its lava tubes, the volcano simulator and the “center of the earth”.
Madeira Lavatubes
Madeira Vulcan