On our Atlantic crossing we caught 5 fish, 3 Mahi Mahi, 1 Tuna and 1 Wahoo. Other fish have unfortunately bitten off the lure. The biggest fish was a Mahi Mahi who weighed over 15 kg, about as heavy as our kids.
MAhi Mahi

It was not easy to bring the fish into the boat and keep it calm in order to kill it. We did a short film about that.

For fishing at sea we use fishing a line, hooks, pink plastic squid-lures and gloves.
Mahi Mahi Angeln

The pink lures worked best for us. We did not even have to wait an hour and a fish was on the hook. We couldn’t catch fish with blue lures.

Fish you caught yourselves tastes incredibly good. Even the children loved it and they even wanted more. 🙂 Have fun fishing and eating.