Interestingly we meet Christopher Columbus again and again. A neighbour in Ouistreham gave our boys a book on Columbus. In Baiona we could visit the reconstructed Pinta from inside. And in Porto Santo a feast was held in honour of Columbus.
Ueberfaht nach Porto Santo

But first, we will talk about the crossing to Porto Santo, a small island in the north of Madeira, where he had lived with his wife and son for several years.

Craig joined us for the 555 nautical miles to Porto Santo. He wanted to get to know the Ovni better and we were looking for another hand. He has over 30 years of experience in the Pacific and Baja California.

During the crossing we had 20-30 knots of wind and we got on well. The Windpilot did its work flawlessly.

On the third day Lukas had become accustomed to the conditions and could even play with the kids inside. On the fourth day the wind dropped to 15 knots and we reached Porto Santo in the evening.Porto Santo Insel
The harbour wall is full of small art-works and graffitis, painted by the sailors who arrived there. We also left a trace there.
Porto Santo Mauer

While Ela had to work for one day long, Lukas went with the boys and with Craig on a little climbing adventure. On the west side of the island, we descended the steep coast to a small beach where the sea brought various plastic containers, shoes and other interesting things.
Strand Westk├╝ste

In mid-September the Christopher Columbus Festival takes place in Porto Santo. The reconstructed Santa Maria sails with full sails past the audience and anchors at the beach. Then Columbus descends and greets the islanders. In the village square people roast a pig, drink Caipirinha and dance.
Santa Maria Christoph Kolumbus

In addition to the festival, Porto Santo has crystal clear waters and a 9km long beautiful sandy beach which has therapeutic effects.
Porto Santo Strand

The beach starts at the marina and goes to the south end of the island to Ponta da Calheta. This gives a nice walk and one becomes extremely healthy: -)
Porto Santo Ponta da Calheta