Time had come to leave our beloved Tuamotus. So we set sail and left Fakarava with three other boats heading to Tahiti. The GRIB files showed a nice weather window with 15 knots of wind. However, the wind dropped completely, the swell remained and from time to time a heavy rain shower passed by. It was an uncomfortable crossing. We were glad to arrive in Papeete after 3 days. Back to civilization. A large Carrefour, fast internet and a pulsing city.Tahiti martk

As all the shopping was done, we sailed to the small neighbor island Moorea. There we enjoyed the time with Asia and Gaia. With a rental car we explored the heart-shaped island, which is surrounded by a coral ring.
Moorea Insel

Finally we met our friends from Zurich, who have their second home in Tahiti. So our boys could play with the two girls in Swiss German. At the anchorage there were also a few well-known family boats with which we like to hang out. For example, we went together to the underwater tikis or to the stingrays, waiting in a dedicated place to be fed by the tourists. On Lukas’ birthday we invited for a big sundowner on the Bajka with all of them.
Moorea Geburstag

When Asia and Gaia had to fly back home, we sailed on to Tahaa. Thanks to both of you for the beautiful drawings of Bajka and Petterson.Windpilot

Tahaa and Raiatea are two islands surrounded by the same coral reef. Here are the two big charter companies at home. It is a beautiful cruising area with beautiful anchorages and coral gardens for snorkeling.
Taaha Korallengarten

Here in the Society Islands you can throw the anchor in sand near the outer coral reef at 3m of depth. Once we even anchored at 1.5 meters. We didn’t need to worry, we just lifted our centreboard and rudder :=).

Bora Bora with its twin peaks can be seen from afar.

Bora Bora TwinpeakHere is also the peak of all-inclusive tourism.  The same way as the pile-dwellers in the past, the hotels here are planted on the outer coral ring. There the tourists feels like in the Paradis: turquoise blue and crystal clear water, white private beach with palm trees and best food.
Bora Bota resort

Quite different is life on the main island in the middle, where the locals live. A derelict road leads around the island, there are a few beautiful villas on the way and two smaller supermarkets and a few pearl shops in the main town. Apart from the human influence that would probably be the most beautiful island in the world. We could confirm this from different anchorages. In the main town there are 13 moorings, which belong to the so-called marina. That’s where we prepared for the next passage, together with a few other family boats. The kids enjoyed the swimming-pool and played all together.Bora Bora

After we had cleared out, we took course on Maupiti. There we had a nice farewell to French Polynesia. Only a few charter boats come up here. We were able to observe the giant manta rays up close. It is impressive how they circle around the coral heads with a span of 4-5 meters and get cleaned by the small fish.

Nael and Ilian had fun climbing the 300 meters mountain. It was not easy, but we did it. At the top we had a breathtaking panorama.
Maupiti Panorama

It’s a cool feeling to tell the other hikers: “The boat down below is ours, and soon we’ll continue sailing through the Pacific” :=)