The day before the first big trip with our Bajka our crew arrived: our neighbors Nelly and Allan, Ela’s fellow student Martin and our skipper Wladimir. We know him from Sailbox and the SY Passage.
Crew Jersey

In the early morning at five o’clock our newly named Bajka started with OVNI wine and all others with warm coffee. With the out flowing tide we sailed down the river Crouch and after 2 hours we reached the North Sea. Between sandbanks and wind turbines, we examined the way through the Thames Estuary. According to the plan the wind increased to 25 knots and the sea became rougher, so we finally sailed upwind towards Ramsgate with 2 reefs and a half rolled Genoa. At the helm I could forget my discomfort and I could feel how smooth our Bajka was moving in these conditions. After 10 hours, we arrived at the Port of Ramsgate. Since the next day west wind over 30 knots was announced and the crew did not feel very well, we decided to stay one day.

A walk on the beach with Fish&Chips

We also had some goodies 🙂
Postmans legs

We got time to fix the safety net for our children.Relingnetz