Today was the most pleasant sailing in this holiday with 10 knots of wind for broad reaching and sunshine. All activities on board were so easy. Cooking, reading and playing with the kids.
Ausfahrt Marina Beaucette
After 15 miles we approached the island Alderney from the southwest, when suddenly the water seemed to be boiling in front of us. Sometimes it looked like a strong gust of wind with whitecaps on dark water, sometimes like a hole with no wind. Such patterns occur where the water flows over rocks just below the water surface. They are partially entered on charts. In these areas, electronic chart with GPS are recommended :=). The planning of the trip should mainly be governed by the current.
Kochendes Wasser Alderney

In Alderney Braye Harbour we got allocated one of the 70 yellow guest-buoys. The port was already quite full and additionally there was the finish of a Cruising Regatta. A berth costs 15 pounds per night and the water taxi 2 pounds per person.
So we decided to unpack our dingy for the first time ever and tried to inflate it without the appropriate adapter. Grey-Tape has made it possible. The outboard motor worked surprisingly good.
Dinner was the restaurant “The Moorings” with an oversized children’s play area and sun loungers for the adults. Only when it was completely dark we went back to our Bajka with the dingy.
chillen in Restaurant The Moorings

 Spielecke im Restaurant The Moorings

The next day we wanted to wait until the after noon until we leave because of the strong currents around the Cap de la Hougue. So we could to to the beach with the kids in the morning. The kids liked it very much, especially because the sea was so calm. They ran repeatedly into the sea until the belly was wet and then again full speed back and they always had to laugh when they met. What’s nicer for children than sand, water and the parents nearby. For us another preview for our big trip. We are looking forward to this timeless time in nature.
Strand Braye Bay