We left Porto again in thick fog. After two hours on the engine, we could set the Gennacker. The wind increased more and more, and for the night we reduced the sail area. The next day at lunchtime we arrived at Peniche. It’s a real surf spot. In October a World Cup will take place here.
Peniche Strand

We liked very much this small peninsula with the waves smashing to the steep rocks.
Peniche Papoa

We can’t understand why they don’t expand the marina here (6 berths for visitors currently). A large part of the harbour area is no longer used by the fishermen and it would be in a good distance to Cascais.
In the city you can find the famous sun-dried fish from Peniche.
Peniche Fisch
From Peniche to Cascais we had a short 50 miles ride in 20 knots of wind and with the Gennacker :=). As we came closer to the Cabo Roca we dropped the Gennacker because it’s known for strong gusts. As we came around the corner we saw a 470 with a Swiss cross and a yellow dot: training session of the LIMA Sailing Team.
Lima Sailing Team

On their layday we did sightseeing in Guincho together. In the evening Alvaro with his kids joined us for spaghetti. We revived old 470 stories and our boys learned tricks from the older kids.
Lima sailing
Praia do Guincho
Strand Guincho

The next day we sailed to Oeiras to be a bit closer to the center of Lisbon. Unfortunately, the marina with the natural swimming pool didn’t have a place for us. Sometimes it would be better to do a reservation the day before. So we sailed back to Cascais. The next day we explored Lisbon anyhow and of course we did a ride with the yellow tram.
Lissabon Tram
Surprisingly we found Russian salt cucumbers in a shop, and so we could make again Nael’s beloved Polish cucumber soup 🙂