After a few weeks of boat-work we had to paint new antifouling, which we had underestimated a bit. First we had to sand the hull. With a 13m boat you work up a sweat. 5 hours later we had finished and our arms were heavy. Everything was dirty even though we were wearing protective clothes. Then we thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. This day we were asleep earlier than our kids. 🙂
Bajka Unterwasser schleifen

The next day we put the first layer of Trilux 33 and another day later the second layer. Painting is somehow much more pleasant than sanding.
Bajka Unterwasser malen

Slowly the day of putting Bajka into the water was approaching. But exactly on this day winds of force 10 were forecasted. So we decided to push the whole thing by one day …
Bajka Einwassern

As the boat was in the water the man from Volvo Penta arrived to get the engine serviced. We combined it with a private engine lesson, as we both were not very familiar with that subject. During the 5 hour service we thoroughly checked everything, changed the oli and replaced parts when necessary. We could ask all our questions which gave us a lot of information. Now we understand our engine better and know which hose and which screw is used for what. Of course we documented everything with photos and text. We also discussed some breakdown scenarios and went through our spare parts.
Bajka Motor

Many thanks to Eric from Mécanique Marine Honfleuraise. We can highly recommend such a combination of engine service and training on your own engine.