Now we have been here in Le Havre for more than three weeks and our Bajka is getting blue-water-ready: wind pilot, solar cells, wind generator, watermaker, maststeps, safety netting, etc …Blauwassertauglich

The longer we work on the boat the better we understand her and the more we find more things to do…
Maststep Montage

Every day starts somewhere in a sailing shop or brico-marché where we buy material, tools and special parts, which we have listed the day before. Le Havre is not known as a small romantic harbour, but there is everything here for boat-work.
Solargestell bemalen

Fortunately the grandparents are with us. As a former boat builder, Grandpa brings in good and simple ideas and efficiently puts hand on.
Opa Seolargestell

While we are working on the boat, Grandma runs expeditions to the sea with Nael and Ilian or explores the various playgrounds with them.
Oma und Kindern

In the evening we meet for dinner at our AirBnB apartment or, when the weather is nice, for a beer in one of the nice restaurants along the beach.
Oma Opa