Once upon a time…um die welt segeln

As a teenager Ela was dreaming to live on a boat and to explore the world in this way. Alone, she did not want to be on the road. It’s nice to share those moments with loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to sail the world’s oceans with the family? That’s why she married a sailor :=). It did not take long to convince Lukas of this sailing journey. However, there was a condition for him: A spinnaker is a must.

The first plan was a half year’s trip in Europe. After reading more blogs and books of other families, we would not rule our an Atlantic crossing. As things stand now the journey should go further through the Pacific. Who knows how long we will be truly on the go. At least we can say we are happy to sail for life.

On our trip we don’t want to watch just nice bays, oceans and port cities, but we want to experience something together as a family and we want to spend time with our friends. We want to let the time pass more slowly, experience life intensively. Time is running so fast, when the days are so similar, when the weekends are too short or too rainy, when the new Year’s resolution are due again before the old ones were addressed… And suddenly children are so old that they themselves want to go separate ways.

We want to spend more time with the children and show them the world and feel like they take it all. We want to show them that you can live your dreams, that you can take your life into your own hands and not always must be determined by external constraints. Friends are always welcome aboard. We want to share our extra time with them, sail the boat together and talk about everything under the sun.

Planning our journey already gave us plenty of energy. We have fond memories of those evenings where we had learned together for the offshore license or where we specified our blue water sailing yacht or where we were assembling our test solar panels on the game timber boat in the garden.