3 Geburtstag von Ilian
Today we didn’t work at Bajka, it was a special day. Our youngest captain Ilian got his third birthday. In fine weather on the beach, Ilian had blown the candles and opened all the presents.
Ilian Geburtstag Strand

In the afternoon Grandma and Grandpa had invited us all to a harbour tour. In Le Havre, this means loading and unloading containers. It was impressive to go so close by these huge ships.
Ausflug Containerschiff

After the tour all were hungry. It was Ilian to choose the dinner. Without thinking he said: “Moules-Frites.” He had talked about it since last summer. 🙂
Moules frites

After the olives, this is definitely his favorite meal. 🙂  Even the waitress was amazed by what passion he was eating.
Ilian und Moules Frites

Afterwards the children could play on the “dangerous” playground.

It was a wonderful day with the whole family.