Now we had a couple of days for us as a family. No big plans. Only do laundry, clean the boat, and other little things 🙂

For example, the electrician from Volvo Penta passed by and looked at the engine. He noted that the screw from the positive pole of the starter was loose a bit and fixed it. This is something we have to remember.

We also had time to mount a net at the berth of Nael and Ilian, which can be easily attached and removed with a hook. Now parents can sleep peacefully and don’t need to bring all the sofa cushions in front of the children’s berth every evening.
Netz bei der Koje

Unfortunately Ilian got ill. A gingivitis that bleeds and hurts. He could not eat or drink properly only slightly. We decided to go to the hospital before it would get worse. There we were welcomed and advised nicely, got a salve and antibiotics if it should get worse and finally we didn’t have to pay anything. In Jersey the emergency services are free for tourists.

Ilian was quite difficult these days. Actually he was calm only in ERGObaby. So we drove to the beach in St. Brelade Bay. Ilian saw the beach only briefly before he fell asleep for a few hours. Nael on the other hand, had a lot of energy, jumping around and climbing on the rocks.
St. Brelade Bay Felsen
St. Brelade's Bay Jersey

So we look forward to the next guests Eric and Andrea.