Sun and little wind was announced for today. Ideal conditions to enjoy the beach after a few days of sailing. Chilling, walking along the beach, building sand castles and eating ice cream.
Lazy Day

Strand Saint Aubin

Ilian am Strand St. Aubin

n the evening we enjoyed the sunset in front of “Elizabeth Castle” with the best fish & chips in town.Sonnenuntergang Jersey

After that, the kids were allowed to play with the “Make-the-Kids-Tired-Machine”, another favorite game. It consisted of a barrier (Gaia’s crutch), where they had to pay and a Memorial where they had to run around. After some rounds they were tired and ready for bed.

Asia and Gaia will fly back home tomorrow morning. Ilian and Nael kept asking when the next time they will come to visit us on Bajka. Certainly in the next year, but hopefully with less rain.

Asia Gaia