Now is the time. We live as a family on the boat. Everything is new, but we’re getting used to it every day a bit better. We had to fix the water and gas system and make a few other small things to make life on our Bajka more comfortable. The kids also took a few days to get used to the new situation. They needed a little more attention. They learned what is allowed on the boat and what isn’t. Our way of life has also changed somewhat. We get up at about 9am and don’t go to bed until midnight. We are more north and more west compared to Switzerland and therefore the evenings are longer and brighter.

On the 14th of June we set sail and started our adventure. With a nice little breeze from astern we sailed to Ouistreham. The conditions were perfect for the first sailing day.

In the afternoon we moored our boat in the harbour and explored the famous huge beach. The kids enjoyed the sand and the water. They played like they’d never seen sand and water before. 🙂