The last few days we were in Guernsey in our favorite marina Beaucette. The narrow S-shaped entry in the rock is cool and it’s very quiet. We got our life raft  serviced. It’s so heavy that Ilian and Nael also had to help with transport.
Rettungsinsel service

The other days we explored various corners of the Island by walking, bike or bus. In Guernsey we liked the wild coast very much.
Guernsey Strand Now our first night stage was on the program, namely to Roscoff. We started in the afternoon at 4 Beaufort wind and nice weather. The kids fell asleep easily: Ilian in the arms of Papa and Nael at the table. At sunset we reduced our sail area a bit and then our night shifts started: Usually our windpilot named Pettersson steers the boat but you just have to keep company :-). We tried a few times to talk to him, but he just said nothing …

At midnight the moon was hiding behind the clouds and it was quite dark. Only the plankton has illuminated the path of our Bajka. Fortunately we had chocolate on board which disappeared during the night… For the next night we have to choose a healthier menu. After 24 hours we arrived quite tired in Roscoff. Tired? The kids showed no signs of fatigue. So we played „catch-me” until everyone was tired. Then there was time for ice-cream. Yummy
Roscoff Glaces