Regen Regen

Now two days of rain and strong wind were announced. What to do with two small kids and a kid with his foot in plaster on the boat? After having played all the games on the Bajka, we went outside. The kids jumped into each puddle and were driven around the harbour car.
Hafenwagen Jersey

In the afternoon we visited the “Aqua Splash” and the kids could release their energy.
Auf dem Weg zum AquaSplash

After the swim we dried all wet items in the machine, because things don’t get dry on the boat very fast in these conditions :-).

The next day it had stopped raining and we took the bus to the East Coast to the castle called “Mont Orgueil”. In Jersey, public transport is well organised and the buses travel quite often. A oneway ticket is 2 pounds and a day pass 7.5 pounds.
Schloss Mont Orgueil

For us not living on the seaside, it is quite impressive when after low water comes the high water. While we were playing on the beach when the boats were lying around like dead fish. Then the water started to fill in slowly. Later on we almost had to hurry up and gather our things before the high tide was back and the boats were floating again on the water.
Spielen am Strand

In the evening Asia invited us for dinner in the “Bistro Rosa” right next to the fish market. The meals were prepared fresh and wonderful. Even an acrobat-Hummer joined us :-).
Akrobat Hummer
Tomorrow the weather should be better.