We sailed 50 miles from Ouistrehan to Saint Vaast la Houge. The wind was pleasant and for the first time we tested our windpilot (mechanical wind steering system). After some adjustments it was steering automatically and we had time for cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids. This is a fantastic thing.
Insel Tatihou
In Saint Vaast we really wanted to visit the island of Tatihou, but the wind was good and we decided to sail further west in order to spend a few days on the channel island of Alderney. As usual we faced strong currents around the Cap de la Hague. As the wind died we still drifted with 5 knots. It was like a river ๐Ÿ™‚
In Alderney, in the shelter of the big breakwater, you can moor your boat on a buoy. To get ashore we grabbed our little dinghy. It still worked fine since last year. For the kids itโ€™s fun to drive with the small dinghi.

Alderney Strand

On the island we discovered beautiful lonesome beaches. We built a sand castle, which was already destined to be flooded by the tide…
Alderney Strand Burg
Alderney can be recommended if you like small harbours and wild nature.
Alderney Strand View