The last week in Switzerland was really crazy. We celebrated our farewell with our work colleagues. Lukas made a presentation about our trip, which was discussed afterwards during the BBQ and Ela spent a nice evening with her team. Thank you very much for the warm wishes and useful gifts. Somehow it was a strange feeling: On the one hand we were looking forward what’s coming, on the other hand we were a bit sad to leave what we like.
Lukas Abschiedsparty Phonak

The next day was the farewell party at home with our friends. We started already in the afternoon and sometimes you could see more kids than adults :-). But we celebrated until midnight, until all the bottles were empty ;=)
Party zu Hause

First pleasure then work: Sorting and packing, what goes to the storage and what goes to the boat. For weeks we were selling or giving away things. It is unbelievable how much we accumulated, some things we even had to put into the waste disposal… During moving, we had to learn again the following rule: “When you think you are almost done, then you are only half way through.” In the end we had to do the big cleaning of the flat and return it.

After all that we still had a few days at Lukas parent’s place. Between the rainy and snowy days we were lucky to get a sunny one and we celebrated a farewell ritual with the whole family in “Blooch” right above a wine-yard at the Lake of Thun.
Party Bloch

Finally the day came when we had to leave our home: We got into the packed car and drove off in the direction of Le Havre. Since we had the big solar panel, a couple of boxes, two bicycles and three scooters on the roof, we could not drive too fast. After a long night we arrived at our Bajka: Tired but incredibly happy. 🙂Bajka Le Havre